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Global Hosting Reseller
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Become a HOTTEST reseller online and make money today!

Having your online busines is easy as 1 2 3.

Our reseller program gives you everything you need to make your own successful online reseller business. So take your online store live on the Internet and start make money TODAY!

International resellers are welcomed too!
Accepted Currencies:   A$ AUD, R$ BRL, C$ CAD, CHF CHF, Euro, £ GBP, Rs INR, ¥ JPY, MXN MXN, $ USD

Free Reseller Web Site
  • Storefront(w/ Design Wizard) and shopping cart are provided. (see sample)
  • You can design and build your own storefront if you want.
  • Your site/storefront is live from the moment you sign up.
  • You can expose your online store to global market with 10 different currency settings.
We handle payments, transactions and all back office works
  • You do not need merchant account or online payment system.
  • All online payment transactions will be handled by us including credit card payment.
Reseller auto monthly payment
  • Monthly payment will be sent by check, paypal or direct deposit.
  • Your profit will be paid as commission.
  • Check(quarterly) or paypal will be used as payment for international resellers.
You don't need to be registered company to be a reseller
  • You can even run reseller program as your personal side job. (individual, freelancer, web designer, consultant, etc.)
  • Reseller program is open to both individuals and companies.
  • We also accept international resellers. (from Europe, Asia, Australia, America, Africa)
It's just $69.00 USD(Basic) a year
  • $69.00 a year($5.75/month) is about the cost of cheap webhosting price.
  • You'll get webhosting, email, SSL and much more for free. (see details)
  • No deposits, advances or revenue sharing are needed.
  • Difference between Basic Reseller and Pro Reseller is buying rate.
Over 50 products to sell
  • Under 6 main category(Domain, Hosting, Website Builder, Secure Transaction, Ecommerce), you'll have 50 products in your online store.
  • You set your retail prices and decide your profits.
Worry-free customer support
  • Your customer will be supported by phone, email or/and online help center.
  • Customer support runs 24 hours, 7 days a week.
›› Click here to visit one of our active resellers' storefront **
** Please note that this is active reseller's site. DO NOT make orders for testing.

Choose the plan that's right for YOU!
Basic Reseller
Just $69.00/yr!
Get your share of the fast-paced,
lucrative domain name and services business - today!
  • Competitive Buy Rates! Sell over 50 products. Example wholesale buy rates:
    Domains: Just $8.49
    Hosting: Just $3.35
    Secure Certificates: $24.00
    And more...
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Pro Reseller
Just $169.00/yr!
The Best - Buy Rates, Products, Value
Take advantage of our best Buy Rates and get the most from your investment!
  • Competitive Buy Rates! Sell over 50 products. Example wholesale buy rates:
    Domains: Just $7.29
    Hosting: Just $3.15
    Secure Certificates: $22.50
    And more...
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So what are you waiting for? Become a reseller today!

FREE with reseller program
  • Website Builder
  • Shared Hosting
  • Search Engine Visibility
  • Express Email Marketing®
  • Secure SSL Certificate
  • Online Storage
  • Deluxe Email Account
  • Reseller Handbook
  • 24/7 Support for you and, optionally, for your customers!
  • 30-day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Quick Start Marketing Guide
  • Online Sales and Activity Reporting
  • AND MORE! See details
Your online store accepts
PayPal Credit Cards
Hurry! Talk to your personal Reseller Consultant today!
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